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We are Lama D and Srijana, teachers and writers living in Bali at Keramas Sacred River Village. We invite you to subscribe below for weekly articles. Lama D's website is  Also check out Srijana's award-winning food & lifestyle blog at Best wishes!

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21 Ways to Find Inner Balance in Stressful Times

This is a game to help you train your mind to relax. It stimulates positive thoughts and letting go of thoughts that block your happiness. Ha Ha! There are 21 ...

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What’s the Best Diet for Humans?

OK, will the best human diet please stand up? What general dietary guidelines are best for all humans? Or should we all just follow the current diet craze? How about ...

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My Qigong Workshop in Italy

My workshop in Gubbio, Italy was called “How to cultivate your personal Mogadao practice and improve your health through the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine”, with Anneli Arpolahti, a talented ...

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Should You Keep a Microcosmic Journal?

A Microcosmic Journal is a diary for the purpose of deepening your spiritual awareness. It is a useful practice on the path to a complete life and a powerful tool to internalize your attention and ...

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The 20 Meridians and their Consciousness

What are the Meridians? Ancient Chinese medicine thousands of years ago described the meridians in the body that carry Qi or life force through special channels that connect the various ...

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Are You Getting Your Five Cosmic Messages?

By Jane Barthelemy. Yes, the five messages we receive in our life are: Signals, Symptoms, Stones, Stress, and Solutions. No, they don’t come in as texts. They come in as situations for ...

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Introduction to the Chinese Five Element System

By Jane Barthelemy. The Chinese five elements are said to arise out of the two energies Yin and Yang. And the five element system can be considered refinement or outgrowth of Yin Yang Theory. It ...

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What’s Protective Wei Qi? How Can I Build it?

By Jane Barthelemy. Wei Qi is an invisible energy, an electro magnetic field referred to in Chinese medicine. Wei Qi is critically important especially in current times, as we are bombarded by energies and ...

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Full-Body Sunbathing, Risks and Benefits

By Jane Barthelemy. Is Sunlight Dangerous? Over the past 4 decades, dermatologists and doctors say you should never be exposed to direct sunlight because it will damage your skin and ...

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Do Emotions Cause Disease? Chinese Medicine Says “Yes”

Emotions: Our Main Obstacle to Health and Destiny Desires and passions are considered by Chinese thinkers to be the main obstacles to the true accomplishment of a human life and ...

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Medical Qigong Walking – Nature’s Powerful Healing Tool

By Jane Barthelemy Would you like to bring more energy into your body? Feel more alive? Heal more quickly? Walking is powerful medicine that activates your deepest meridians and energies. In ...

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St. Germain Meditation

The following meditation is simple and powerful. It is the words of St. Germain taken from a book Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King, 1939 by Saint Germain Press. Godfre tells ...

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