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Feeding Intelligence

By Jane Barthelemy. OK, What’s Intelligence? Most of us would agree that there are many types of intelligence. We’re now discovering that a high-functioning brain means a balanced nervous system, integrated with a healthy gut. Huge advances in intelligence studies are being made by schools, hospitals, psychologists, and neurological centers. I see that there are basically four types of intelligence.  The Four Types of Intelligence – Which is Yours? Left Brain – How well do you focus attention, precisely recall facts, language, and numbers? How fast is your cognitive flexibility, the degree of skill and ingenuity you bring to any challenge? How long is your attention span? Right Brain – How well …

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21 Ways to Find Inner Balance in Stressful Times

By Jane Barthelemy. This is a game. It helps you train your mind to relax and let go of thoughts that block your happiness. Choose three options out of 21. No matter what your political views, most of us might agree the roller coaster has left its tracks. Yes, we’re careening fast in a new direction. How does that make you feel? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to help you balance. Prepare yourself, as you know I like to think outside the box. Don’t try them all – you’ll be stark raving mad. Choose just three and do them every day for a week. 

What’s the Best Diet for Humans?

By Jane Barthelemy. OK, will the best human diet please stand up? I’m asking, are there general dietary health guidelines that can apply to all humans? Or should we all just follow the current diet craze? How about the latest US Food Pyramid? Should we consider the Paleo Diet? Or is it better to eat Vegetarian? Going back to basics, what percentage of your food should be leafy green veggies? How much fat is best? What about protein? How much meat should you eat if any? Are there any foods everyone should avoid? While every person’s optimum diet is unique, yes, there are a few simple guidelines that work for most every-body. Keep it Simple. As Michael …

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Top 12 Acupressure Points to Optimize Your Health

By Jane Barthelemy. If you’ve learned the Top 6 Acupressure Points, you’re now ready to move on to the top 12 in this article. Or you can see all 12 of them here. The simple act of pressing these essential points resets your body’s subtle energy layers to allow health and wellbeing to flow easily. Just two minutes of acupressure on key points unblocks your meridians. Use gentle yet firm pressure with either middle finger or thumb on these 12 points. Massage in a circular motion for 10 seconds and breathe deeply. As you press, your brain releases endorphins, chemicals that calm pain and invite pleasurable feelings. Your muscles relax and blood flows …

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Balancing the Cortices


This is a great way to balance your nervous system in 1-minute. Use this simple exercise before an important performance, an exam, an athletic challenge, or a meeting. Do it if you’re in shock or feeling overwhelmed. Use it before or after a day’s work in a highly charged electronic workplace. Do it on a child before the first day of school. This simple exercise supports your entire nervous system, it re-sets the electro-magnetic fields in the body by balancing the left and right brain hemispheres. It calms the sympathetic nervous system. So easy! Watch this video to see how.

Top Anti-Cancer Meds You Can Enjoy as Foods

Would you like to enjoy green tea, apples, blackberries and carob? Or would you rather buy your Epigallocatechin-3 EGCG soft gels at Walmart? Take ginger for example. Pharmaceutical giant Merck calls the active ingredient 6-Gingerol, Zingiber officinale, an antitumor, apoptosis (cell death) inducing compound of the ginger family that blocks EGF-induced cell transformation by inhibiting the activation of Activator Protein-1 in cancer stem cells. Gingerol capsules from China are available at Rite Aid, Walmart, and Amazon. Or you can simply eat raw ginger. The list goes on. As pharma producers race to invent new meds, a recent study just made our healthy choices easy! Here are the top supposedly …

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My Book, The Cosmology of Qigong

By Jane Barthelemy. This book attempts to explain the roots of Qigong in simple terms for Westerners. A recent public talk I gave in Santa Fe, and Gubbio, Italy, the book explores Daoist history, the relevance of Qigong practice and ancient Chinese wisdom. Is our modern society the pinnacle of human evolution? What are the ancient legends and history of Daoism? Who were the ancestors that developed Qigong and Tai chi? What is the origin of Chinese medicine, and when was the earliest known medical book, the Huangdi Neijing, written? What were the original 8 Branches of Chinese Medicine? How old is Qigong? Who invented …

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My Qigong Workshop in Italy

My workshop in Gubbio, Italy was called “How to cultivate your personal Mogadao practice and improve your health through the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine”, with Anneli Arpolahti, a talented MogaDao guide who lives in Gubbio. This is a group of serious student practitioners with much experience in Qigong and Yoga. Anneli and I spent a week planning the 3-day workshop and choosing the Qigong sequences. Our goal was to assist people to deepen and design their home practice through self-observation. We began each day with a Yoga practice led by Anneli, with a specific awareness of the 5-Elements. In Qigong, …

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Should You Keep a Microcosmic Journal?

A Microcosmic Journal is a diary for the purpose of deepening your spiritual awareness. It is a useful practice on the path to a complete life and a powerful tool to internalize your attention and understand yourself. Journaling helps one become a true self-observer, to process emotions and events without judgment or assumption. A journal is easy to do, and it helps to relieve stress. There’s no format to it. You can make it neat or messy, using any grammar you like. You can write as little or as much as you like, and it may serve as a useful tool to remember past events. Journalling with specific …

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3 Breathing Techniques for Qigong Practitioners

By Jane Barthelemy. This article explains three basic ways of breathing for Qigong practitioners: Chest Breathing, Buddhist Breathing, Daoist Reverse Breathing.  Breathing is a timeless internal practice. In ancient Daoism and Yoga, the masters developed highly refined breathing techniques in very precise ways, such as Pranayama. They considered conscious breath control to be a type of meditation, an internal alchemy leading to strength and balance. Their practices went far beyond relaxing the body and reducing stress. Ancient breathing was considered a portal through which a practitioner could achieve higher awareness, and discover the mysterious meeting point between life and the material world. In other …

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