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The Pericardium Channel, Self Love and Relationships

What are the Pericardium Channel Functions? The name Pericardium comes from Latin Peri (around) and Cardium (heart). Often translated from Chinese as “Heart Protector”, “Spirit Protector”, or “Circulation/Sex” the Pericardium is associated with the Fire element and the Heart. The Pericardium protects the Heart from emotional trauma, constricts the chest to protect the Heart, and helps to express the Joy of the Heart. The pericardium helps regulate circulation in the major blood vessels running in and out of the heart. The network of the Pericardium includes the pericardial sac, the Pericardium meridian, the small intestine, and parts of the brain associated with …

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The Large Intestine Channel, Letting Go of What’s Not Needed

What are the Functions of Large Intestine Meridian? The Large Intestine is the Yang organ paired with the Yin Lungs in the Metal Element. According to the Huangdi Neijing medical text written in 2,700 BCE, its function is to “Transport all turbidity. All waste products go through it”. The Large Intestine is closely associated with the lungs and skin, which are other important detox organs. It absorbs liquid and releases anything that is no longer needed in the way of food, toxins, emotions, thereby cleansing the body, mind, and spirit. The Source Point of the LI meridian is LI-4, Hegu, in the web of the hand …

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The Lung Meridian, How to Strengthen and Clear it

What is the Function of the Lungs? The Lungs regulate Qi that we absorb from the natural world and distribute it through the body. The Lungs control breathing, distributing oxygen to the blood, helping circulate blood and Wei Qi. The Lungs are a detox organ, eliminating stale Qi. Lungs help Qi and fluids descend into intestines, so with Kidneys they regulate water metabolism. The lung meridian rules the skin and sweat glands, which are all important detox organs. The Lung system also regulates protective Wei Qi, sinuses, bronchia, nose, throat, voice, the ability to smell and to speak with a clear voice. …

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Feeding Intelligence

By Jane Barthelemy. What is your most valuable personal asset? Most people would agree that intelligence is right up at the top of the list. We spend time and effort building our appearance, and our physical assets. But how can we stimulate healthy brain function? What can we do to build intelligence? Surprisingly, scientists are now saying you’ll find intelligence in the gut. Recent studies show that a high-functioning brain is dependent upon two essential factors: a balanced nervous system, and a healthy intestinal environment. Yep, the brain and the gut are intimately connected. And both these factors are determined by the foods we eat. Certain foods cultivate a tranquil nervous system and balanced intestinal micro-biome. Other foods can stress our nerves or challenge gut bacteria. We’ve all experienced it – you eat a low-nutrient lunch, your mood …

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How to Prepare for Tibetan New Years – the Fire Bird Year!

Get ready for Tibetan New Year! Festivities begin this year on the new moon February 27th and last for several weeks. It’s Tibetan Year 2144, the year of the Fire Bird. A Fire Bird year can be controversial and colorful, marked by overly dramatic scenarios, where the ordinary is exaggerated out of proportion, and extraordinary situations go unnoticed. A Fire Bird is like the mythical Garuda bird. A Garuda bird is said to be born fully grown and is invoked as a symbol of impetuous violent force, speed, and martial prowess. From a spiritual point of view, this year of the Fire Bird …

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21 Ways to Find Inner Balance in Stressful Times

By Jane Barthelemy. This is a game that helps you train your mind to relax. It helps you think positive thoughts and let go of thoughts that block your happiness. Ha ha! There are 21 tools – just choose three, and do them every day for a week. Then pick another three, until you’ve done all that you like. No matter what your political views, many of us agree the roller coaster has left its tracks. Yes, we’re careening fast in a new direction. How does that make you feel? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to help you balance. Prepare yourself, as you know I like …

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What’s the Best Diet for Humans?

By Jane Barthelemy. OK, will the best human diet please stand up? I’m asking, are there general dietary health guidelines that can apply to all humans? Or should we all just follow the current diet craze? How about the latest US Food Pyramid? Should we consider the Paleo Diet? Or is it better to eat Vegetarian? Going back to basics, what percentage of your food should be leafy green veggies? How much fat is best? What about protein? How much meat should you eat if any? Are there any foods everyone should avoid? While every person’s optimum diet is unique, yes, there are a few simple guidelines that work for most every-body. Keep it Simple. As Michael …

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Top 12 Acupressure Points to Optimize Your Health

By Jane Barthelemy. If you’ve learned the Top 6 Acupressure Points, you’re now ready to move on to the top twelve points here. The simple act of pressing these essential 12 points resets your body’s subtle energy layers to allow health and wellbeing to flow easily. Just a few minutes of acupressure on key body points unblocks your meridians. Use gentle yet firm pressure with either middle finger or thumb on these 12 points. Massage in a circular motion for 10 seconds, fell the Qi penetrating into the body, and breathe deeply. As you press, your brain releases endorphins, chemicals that calm pain and invite pleasurable feelings. Your muscles relax and …

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Balancing the Cortices


This is a great way to balance your nervous system in 1-minute. Use this simple exercise before an important performance, an exam, an athletic challenge, or a meeting. Do it if you’re in shock or feeling overwhelmed. Use it before or after a day’s work in a highly charged electronic workplace. Do it on a child before the first day of school. This simple exercise supports your entire nervous system, it re-sets the electro-magnetic fields in the body by balancing the left and right brain hemispheres. It calms the sympathetic nervous system. So easy! Watch this video to see how.

Top Anti-Cancer Meds You Can Enjoy as Foods

Would you like to enjoy green tea, apples, blackberries and carob? Or would you rather buy your Epigallocatechin-3 EGCG soft gels at Walmart? Take ginger for example. Pharmaceutical giant Merck calls the active ingredient 6-Gingerol, Zingiber officinale, an antitumor, apoptosis (cell death) inducing compound of the ginger family that blocks EGF-induced cell transformation by inhibiting the activation of Activator Protein-1 in cancer stem cells. Gingerol capsules from China are available at Rite Aid, Walmart, and Amazon. Or you can simply eat raw ginger. The list goes on. As pharma producers race to invent new meds, a recent study just made our healthy choices easy! Here are the top supposedly …

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